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CCTV Service

Trueway Service is a technological solutions provider in Deoghar. We are a Deoghar based Company engaged in the supply and installation of premium-quality CCTV Cameras. We provide CCTV Installation and Repair Service in Deoghar & We are also well known for CCTV service in Deoghar at a very affordable price. We have become one of the most leading and trusted CCTV Installation Company in Deoghar.
Largely thanks to our loyal customer base and our team of vastly experienced, dedicated, well- professionals, & hard-working experts, which take pride in helping our customers design the best possible CCTV services according to their needs and budget.

We give intelligent, reasonable, customized arrangements with a-list Premium-Quality Security Products sponsored with Comprehensive Warranty, Excellent After-Sales Service, and Customer Support. With a well-trained and experienced group of experts, we are capable of carrying out projects of any size or extension.
We take into account all segments of industry and society and give all-level CCTV Surveillance Solutions to small businesses to large corporate businesses. We are known for the best client service and specialized help in the business. With the assistance of our experienced team, we are not only engaged in giving services to install CCTV systems but would assist you in upgrading your existing installed systems as well. Trueway Service assures you of the most immeasurable value of your investment by providing installation services for high-accuracy cameras and surveillance systems.

If you require any other guidance with respect to CCTV Service, please feel free to contact our Business Advisors.

Frequently Asked Questions

CCTV stands for Closed-Circuit Television.

By installing CCTV cameras, you can prevent serious crimes. Another factor is that many non-retail firms face theft issues too, like intellectual property theft or company property theft.

A series of images are picked up by the camera and captures the video.

There are 7 types of CCTV Camera Dome Camera. C-mount camera. Bullet Type Cameras. Wireless cameras. Day/Night CCTV Camera. Varifocal Cameras. Infrared/Night Vision CCTV Camera.

The cost of a CCTV starts from 12,000 for 2 camera set up. The cost of a CCTV starts from 15,000 for 4 camera set up. The cost of a CCTV starts from 26,000 for 8 camera set up.

6 important things Which You keep in mind before the installation of a CCTV Camera. 1- Deciding how you’ll be monitoring the system 2- Determining the number of Closed Circuit Television Cameras required 3- Locating the CCTV cameras 4- Setting the DVR 5- Deciding on power backup of CCTV Camera 6- Maintaining the CCTV-cameras



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